Jim Bixby's DGPS Receiver

This archive contains the design information for a differential GPS (DGPS) receiver. Hardware.doc contains a further description of each of the files in the archive.

Copyright Notice: The information in this archive, in the documents and in the zip archive are Copyright Jim Bixby 1998. License is granted to freely use, reproduce or modify this material, for non-commercial purposes only. This information carries no warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.

A huge amount of effort went into this design. If you find the information useful, I would appreciate it if you would send $25 as a small token of your appreciation to:

	Jim Bixby
	7878 Revelle Drive
	La Jolla, CA 92037
but, if you don't feel like it, that's ok too.

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[DIR] Parent Directory 16-Apr-98 16:53 - Back to Tim's DGPS page [   ] Hardware.doc 16-Apr-98 17:17 405k Description of the hardware in Word format [   ] Software.doc 16-Apr-98 17:18 169k Description of the software in Word format [TXT] URLs.html 16-Apr-98 17:18 2k Parts and other DGPS links [IMG] ActiveAntenna.gif 16-Apr-98 17:17 322k Mounting and construction images [   ] PartsList.xls 16-Apr-98 17:17 47k Parts list, prices and where to buy [IMG] RcvrBoard.gif 16-Apr-98 17:17 816k [   ] dgps.asm 16-Apr-98 17:18 46k [   ] DGPS.HEX 16-Apr-98 17:17 5k [TXT] readme.txt 16-Apr-98 17:18 1k The text above
      Schematics             Last modified     Size  Description

[   ] Active_Antenna_Preamp..16-Apr-98 17:17 60k [   ] Block_Diagram.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:17 16k [   ] Front_Panel.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:17 27k [   ] PLL_Detector.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:17 137k [   ] Processor.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:17 105k [   ] RF_Amp.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:17 66k [   ] Receiver.wmf 16-Apr-98 17:18 107k

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