I've been a vegetarian since February, 1996 mainly because of health reasons - I was overweight and low on energy. My conversion hasn't been smooth or steady (the weight situation hasn't changed much), but I'm determined to keep trying. This page represents resources I use to stay the course. I hope you find them useful, too. :-)


Oatmeal Cookies Carrot Cake Hummus  
Veggie Gumbo Falafel    

These are a few of my favorite recipes. I have tons, but these are the ones I make most frequently. BTW, if anyone out there has tried the Forest Mushroom Soup from the St. Louis Bread Company and knows the recipe or has something that comes close, I'd really appreciate it if you'd e-mail me a copy.


I'm still searching the web for non-fat vegetarian links. You have to be careful about what you choose - just because a recipe is vegetarian doesn't mean it's automatically good for you. Watch for too much fat (10% of total calories) and for too little fiber!

World Guide to Vegetarianism - Columbia, MO- list of my hometown vegetarian eateries. Allows you to search for accomodating sites in most any city.
The Vegetarian Resource Group- has an excellent vegan handbook.
Toronto Vegetarian Association- helping people in the Toronto area adopt and maintain a healthful, ethical and ecological vegetarian lifestyle
Veggies Unite! - a great page full of recipes, book reviews and more!
Fat Free Recipe Archive - Wonderful! The recipes are strictly vegetarian and use no added fat and very few high-fat ingredients. It also lists instructions for joining the FATFREE mailing list for those who are interested in very lowfat vegetarian cooking.
Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Online Recipe List- the man knows what he's talking about. Go check out his delicious, healthy recipes.
Ethnic Recipes- ethnic recipe site maintained at Berkley. Lots of carnivore recipes, but there are a lot of vegetarian ones, also. Well worth checking out.
Master Cook's Recipe Library- they have a decent selection of vegetarian recipes, but they tend to put a lot of unnecessary oil and fat in them. If you cut that stuff out, this is a great site.

Meet Meat- There's a message in here somewhere about vegetarianism. Finding it is amusing.


People have said the most ridiculous things to me since I've become a vegetarian. Most of it stems from fear of something different or just plain misinformation. I don't hit people over the head with my vegetarianism - it seems to cause controversy without any effort on my part. In retaliation, I've started to compile quotes. Observe:

"But you'll eat chicken, right?" - My Mother, date unknown.
"It causes memory loss, you know. You'll lose your mind." - Betsy Odle, July 26, 1997 (After I'd ordered the steamed vegetable plate at Applebee's.)
"Ummmm, ummmm! Smell that ham!" - Charlene Jacobsen, September 30, 1997

"No, no, man, I'm just curious. This is fascinating. You don't eat meat, any meat? How long has it been?" - Petros Argyropoulos, November 10, 1997
"Vegetarianism?Is that what that'scalled?" - Angela Palmer, November 10, 1997
"So, you don't eat turkey on Thanksgiving? I bet those little guys love you." - Charlene Jacobsen, November 20, 1997


I have read a lot of material since becoming a vegetarian. I believe a little information goes a long way, and when it comes to your health, you can't have enough information. Here are some of the fine publications I recommend:
The McDougal Program, 12 Days to Dynamic Health
Fat Free, Flavor Full by Dr. Gabe Mirkin.
Everyday Cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish

Last updated May 12, 1998


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