Programming the NBX in C - DevTools

Programming the NBX in C - DevTools

This page is here since there is a total lack of online support from 3com.

So you want to run your own code on the NBX 100? Its not that hard. You'll need a few tools.

I use the GNU tool kit since its free and works fine. I develop my code on Linux and test on FreeBsd and Solaris when needed.

The first thign you'll need is binutils. This is a kit with an assembler and linker and other tools to look at the file structure.

I've got binutils-2.13 and confiured it with
./configure --target=i386-wrs-vxworks --prefix=/usr/local/vxworks/i386

gcc version 3.2 came with my linux install. I use the -S option to produce assembly code and then assemble it using the special binutils assembler which makes a.out format files. The a.out format files have a few extra bits set in the headers but it appears taht vxWorks doesn't care about it.

You should also be able to use the standard vxWorls tool kit if you happen it have it.

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