NBOSS commands

NBOSS> commands

This page is here since there is a total lack of online support from 3com.

If your NBX ends up with a NBOSS> prompt what can you do?

Most of the time, you can't do anything. It wont' accept any input most of the time but sometimes it will.

You can get into NBoss mode type jumping to address 0xf1a24

From the boot prompt, press space to stop it then type: 
g f1a24 (that F-one) 
This isn't the best address but it works well enough. 

This will give you an NBoss> prompt that lets you do things like 
eeconfig 00:eb:bb:01:23:45 
eedump 1 
you can look in NCPFlash.bin for the whole list of commands. 
reset will reboot the box. 

This is great if for some reason your nbx decides its mac address is 0:0:0:0:0:0 

The boot process:
The system runs NCPFlash.bin out of the internal flash.
It then loads bootnbx.sys which is a vxworks program. It gives the "[VxWorks boot]:" prompt. If the disk is bad, you won't ever see that.
/dos0/RX_X_X/vxWorsk is then run which is the main system.

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