Power Mirrors

Power mirros, what can I say...


Causes: Repairs:

Motor doesn't work.

When the motor does not work there will be a sound from the mirror when the up or down switch is pressed but the mirror will not move in any direction. The fix for this is to remove the mirror, remove the motor and put a single drop of oil in each bearing of the motor.

Bad Solinoid

When the solinoid is no longer working, the mirror will only move left or right or up and down. The fix for this is to repair the solinoid or replace the mirror. The most likly problem with the solinoid is a bad connector. If there is any other problem, the coil is most likekly burned out and must be rewound. Any company that repairs motors should be able to replair it. Cost of a new mirror is about $300 while the cost of rewinding a solinoid should be much less.

Bad Heater

Heater failure problems are most likly to be cause by corrosion on the leads to the heater. Remove the mirror and clean the contacts where the wires attach to the mirror.

Bad switch.

Most switches can be taken apart and reassemble but the falure of the switch is usureal not repairable. A new switch will be needed but its worht tring to clean it first. The switch can be forced out of the panel by genly pulling and prying but it can be pressed out of the panel easily by removeing the door panel.

Cleaning Contacts.

To clean electrial contracts, first disconect the power to watever your working on. Scrape off any large deposits using a knife or tiny screwdriver. Metal contacts can be polished using 3M's kitchen pads as they are abasive enough to clean the contacts but not so abrasvie as to remove the thin metal coatings. Next use alochol to clean off any oil you have have left by putting your fingers all over the components. Lastly put on a small amount of dielectric grease (or tune up grease) on the metal componets where they contact each other. This will help keep out the crud that causes reactions to occur.

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