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Power windows problems...


Causes: Repairs:

Motor doesn't work.

When the window won't move at all does the motor even work? If the motor makes a slight noise then there is still hope. If the motor died, it was most likely because of the winding mechainsi is alread dead and you should go find a new unit after makeing sure there is power on the motor connectors when you press the button. Expect to pay $150 for a used motor or $300 for a new one. Be careful with the lower part of that plastic seal in the door. If you break the lower half, replace it otherwise you will end up with a lot of water on the floor of your car.

Motor turns but make a nasty noise.

The real solution here to buy a new Regulator without the motor. It should be about $90 and VW claims it only works with some motors. I didn't have any problem so I don't know if they are right. The local parts guy claims the new spool will work with the old motor but sometimes it takes a bit of time to get the part attached.

Drivers window is busted but you need it to work.

You can sawp intreal parts like the cable and spring and spool from the front doors but you can't mix cables from the front to the rear. If your going to scarfice a rear regulator for a front door, use the diagonal door (i.e. left front with the right rear). Be careful with the plastic film on the door.

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