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Tim's Canopy Information Page - Nematocyst

I've been using Motorola Canopy wireless broadband system and one of the problems is the range as a result of its 60 degree antenna.

The guys over at Wireless Beehive came up with a great small Passive Gain Antenna they call Stinger that slips over the top of a canopy SM taht increases the gain and decreases the Jitter caused by multipath.

However the product is more popular than their production can keep up with so many people have no option but to use the older style Sat TV dishes or just do without so I decided to see if I could build my own. I call this Nematocyst from some old latin word explained here. These are the detailed technical directions needed to duplicate my efforts.

Here are some pictures of one of my Stingers on a canopy:

That looks simple enough, so I collect what I need to duplicate their design. I've got some very fine duct tape and other bits are made by Corelle and purchased at the local big box store that always has low prices:

We start by taping the top to the bottom like this:

The next step is to tape the antenna to the canopy. While this solution appears to take more work than Beehives slip on attachment, this has the advantage that if your installing this in tree, you can combine the radio installation with attachment of the antenna.

As you can see the finished product looks very much like Beehive's:

The real test of a product like this isn't in how it looks but in how it works on the existing network. The Beehive seems to give about a 10 db increase in gain with a point or two decrease in Jitter. My unit on the other hand is good for a point or two increase in Jitter with no noticable change in gain.

The more on the furry unimpressed RF expert can be found here.

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