PoE for Canopy

PoE for Canopy

Every once in a while its handy to use Motorola Canopy with a Power of Ethernet Switch (PoE) or power supply however the costs of stand alone adapters can get very expensive.

A lower cost option involves using a 3Com NBX PoE adapter. The power regulator inside the older 3Com phones is nearly identical to the power regulator inside the Canopy with the exception that the polarity is reversed.

The Part I started with is a with a 3com model 3CNJVOIPMOD-NBX which I ordered under the part number of "3CNJVOIP Mod". In Australia I had to buy 20 at a time.

Start by opening the case. The best tool for this is a 1 inch putty knife. Just slide it along the long sides and you should hear the glue break. Repeat at the middle of the short ends and then put the blade in and twist slightly. The case has two very small studs that are very tiny and you might not want to break them if your going to glue it back together.

The next step is verify that yours matches your unit. Check the color coding on the ethernet as it might be of a different standard. The glue around the ethernet connecitons on the baord will be a pain to remove. You might just want to cut it off with side cutters and just solder to the back side of the board.

The major disadvantage of this is I can't think of a case where you want a fly lead out of the converter. It isn't weather proof so you can't put it outside and it willl require at least some sort of joiner.

You might even find a better solution in the ads below :-)

PoE for Canopy

Original device
Ethernet lines that will go to Canopy
Power. Red is +
Back of board
586B wires
Pastic stud is left of square ethernet opening
Small plastic stud on far side and next to square ethernet hole
Gule or just use a cable tie

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