Saab 93 and 900 Power Windows

Power windows problems...


Causes: Repairs:

Window falls down

They use cheap plastic bits to hold the bottom of the frame in and sometimes they break. Used regulators are nearly broken as well but someone is making an aluminum part sold under the name "Taliaferro Window Regulator".

For back windows, find a bit of wood that is 476 x 50 x 22 mm as that seems to be the smallest bit that will fit. you need a T30 and T25 to remove the cover of the door along with something to pry the plastic cover off for the screw by the interior door latch. Carefully Pull back the foil on the right side until you remove both layers enough to shove the stick in from the bottom. If the stick is too long or too wide, it will catch the indent near the top. I cut a small grove and then put a metal screw in to hold the stick in place.

Fix the Door seals properly or you will get leaks!

See my VW page for more hints as many of them work on Saabs.

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